KCSD Issues Alert *UPDATE*

BALD EAGLE TOWNSHIP — The Keystone Central School District Thursday afternoon contacted local media about a report of a male identifying himself as a school district employee and seeking to enter the home of a school district student.

The alert said the district wanted to make parents aware that “an individual posing as an employee knocked on the door of one of our students and said they were there to check his homework. No individual from KCSD is conducting such a visit.”

The district said state police have been notified and should this happen to other KCSD families, they should call 911.

No other information as to the location or time of the incident was provided.


From KCSD: “State police have investigated and indicate that the individual going door to door as reported in an earlier alert was a salesperson. There is no danger to the community, but we appreciate the communication with the district to put our children’s safety first.

Please see post by Woodward Township Police Department earlier this week.

Thank you to all of you for your quick response in helping is protect our community.
This situation helped us identify our procedure and with the help of our state police force, we will continue to be diligent with any potential threat to our students.