unmasked-170224.jpgEach day, thousands of men, women and children suffer in silence, but thankfully there are advocates around the globe working endlessly to make a difference and end the violence.

Boston native Lee Roberts, has spent a decade working with some of the top influential advocates in the country. Roberts speaks remarkably well about her fellow advocates; stating the public only gets to see one half of them and each have so much more to offer that’s when she proposed the question, “What is something in your life people would not really know?”

Local child advocate and author, Donna Kshir, was selected to be featured writer #7 in Robert’s new book titled, ‘UnMasked.’ Two of Kshir’s older pieces were selected. The first piece will capture you heart as she pens how important it is to keep one’s faith in a higher power. The second piece says goodbye to a decade old friendship. Her words come to life off the paper; as she says goodbye to her once best-friend that is now no more than a mere stranger.  Kshir’s words will not only capture your heart, but leave you feeling breathless.

The goal was to unmask each advocate, as an individual, in a personal light with their family, friends and loved ones behind closed doors; allowing the public to see for the first time the individual behind the mask of an advocate.

Roberts was presented with a collection of raw and unedited poems, short stories, thoughts and letters of beautifully penned stories of hope, loss, pain, healing, inspiration, love, sorrow, courage and strength that illuminate the unexpected twists and turns of life’s hurdles that later become known as our blessings.

Now, share the personal stories and discover the extraordinary lives of the men and women who protect and serve our most precious; our children. ‘UnMasked’ is scheduled for release on February 28th, and will be available in 3 limited edition covers.  ALL proceeds are being donated to abused children and homeless organizations. Paperbacks and eBooks will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Northern Books Online Bookstore:  http://northernbooks.weebly.com/