Booking Our Way Through March


FARWELL – The Renovo Elementary Red Squirrels read their way through the month of March, as they participated in a March Book Bracket reading competition. Each classroom was challenged to read as many books as they could to try to advance through the bracket from week to week. The students quickly became motivated, more than ever, to read, read, read! They were even found foregoing their recess for more reading time. In order to earn a point for their classroom, each student had to fill out a little paper book, every time they did one of the following: completely read one book at school or at home, read for 15 minutes, read one chapter in a chapter book, or a teacher or parent read aloud for 15 minutes. Students worked hard throughout the whole month, in school and at home, to earn as many book points as they could.

During the final week of the competition, there were three classrooms that were in the race to the finish! Miss Klein’s first grade class, Mrs. Roger’s third grade class, and Mrs. Miller’s fourth grade class were giving it their all to become the Book Bracket champions. Ultimately, Mrs. Miller’s fourth grade class (pictured with the article) read their way for the win, earning a total of 369 book points in the final week. Great job Mrs. Miller’s class, and great job all Renovo Red Squirrel Readers!