On the Women’s March

let-edOn an overcast, gray day, Sat. Jan 21st, having some physical problems, I ached big time.  I was crushed in an enormous crowd but, I wouldn’t trade my presence there for a truck load of gold.   This was truly what America looks like. There were many races, ethnic groups, religions, handicapped people, and political viewpoints represented on that day.  Yes, in 1960’s pop talk, it was a solid rush!  The march was one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences of my 70 + years.

One could not come away from the Women’s March on Washington without thinking this demonstration was just the tip of a gigantic, rising iceberg.  The energy, the creativity, and just plain kindness were palpable.  Just looking at the thousands of individual hand held signs were a spiritual exercise.

In my mind and in spirit, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Rachel Carson and so many others marched with the 10’s of thousands of dynamic, brilliant woman, children, and men who participated that day.

The Woman’s March was a powerful rejection of any attempts to introduce and promote discrimination, to allow unfair influence of the super wealthy and the disregard for the natural world.

It is difficult for anyone to leave the comfort of their home, to brave the elements, and demonstrate, yet, 500 thousand to 1 million journeyed to our capitol to do just that.  There were up to 5 million in cities across America and similar “Sister Actions” in 16 different countries.  All these powerful and compassionate women sent a clarion call to the halls of wealth and dominance.  That call will not stop; it is a roar that circles the Whitehouse and Congress.

When the CEO of one of history’s worst polluters, Exxon Mobile, is a deliberate choice for one of the most important officials in the land, we must all stand and say no!  This is but one example of President Trump’s many outrageous selections for positions that will affect all of our lives.  My Wife, I, and thousands of others across the country have made dozens of phone calls to members of Congress.

To voice your opinion simply dial 1-202-225-3121 and ask for the office of your Senator or Congressman.  I urge everyone to take this or similar action.  It is our patriotic duty.  Our Constitution provides us with the right to do so.  All of us dream of a better, more just America.  Let us deliver this message, borrowed from a March Rally speaker, “If you can’t let us dream, we won’t let you sleep!