For the Record – Sept. 18, 2014

by Barb Mastriania

Rumor has it …

Rumor has it, not a clue if it’s true, but here’s a story I heard recently about an incident that happened many, many years ago. When Renovo natives Jim Hedgeland and Ray Stiner were teenagers they worked part-time for funeral director Roy Bingman. Late one stormy, rainy night Mr. Bingman called the boys to go pick up a deceased person in Williamsport. It was after midnight when the boys left Renovo. The location they went to was an old folk’s home.

They were led down a dark hallway where several people were on beds. As they approached the bed they thought was the one with the corpse there was a bolt of lightning and a loud thunderclap. An elderly woman was in the bed. At the thunderclap the woman sat upright, with both arms raised. “Is it time to get up,” she asked.

Jim was in charge and Ray his assistant. Jim found the body and moved the head and shoulders and told Ray to take the legs. Ray grabs one leg and reaches for the other, but it’s not to be found.

Where upon he yells, “He only has one leg!” As the thunder roars and the lightning flashes, and the rain was pouring down outside, in that dimly lit room with the one legged corpse, were two very shaken young men.

We’re told it was a long, long ride back to Renovo that stormy night.

Penny sings Patsy …

Renovo Elks Lodge 334 is sponsoring a Penny Sings Patsy, a Patsy Cline tribute show at the Elks Lodge at 118 Fourth Street on October 11 at 5 p.m. Advance tickets are $8; at the door Oct. 11 tickets are $10.

Heritage Park Mixer Saturday …

This Saturday, Sept. 20, the Heritage Park Committee is holding a ‘Mixer’ with music, games and prizes at the Sons of Italy in Renovo. Music is by Bud & The Dynamics. Proceeds go to help continue the renovation of the Heritage headquarters at 530 Erie Avenue and to purchase a heating system for the building. The public is welcome. Come out and enjoy the evening and help raise the money for renovations at the Heritage Park headquarters.

FFF Car Show Sunday …

Sunday, Sept. 21 the annual Flaming Foliage Car Show will be held at the FFF lot on Huron Avenue. And the second annual Cup Cake War will be held during the car show. Again, the public is welcome.