DAR Meeting

RENOVO – The regular monthly meeting of Renovo Chapter DAR was opened by the Regent, Chris Haas, assisted by Clara Barrows, Chaplain.

The President General’s message was read by Sandy Krepps. Constitution week will be celebrated the week of September 17-23. We are a society founded on service. In 2015 NSDAR will celebrate 125 years of service to God, Home and Country. This anniversary gives the opportunity to reflect on past accomplishments, on our founders and all women who have worked to preserve our American Heritage.

Constitution Minute stated that the US Constitution has endured longer than any other Constitution and has been used as a mode throughout the world. This was read by Marilyn Short.

The American Indian Minute was read by Mary Arnold. Cockacoeske was a woman who could supply 50 warriors during the Bacon’s Rebellion, but only provided a dozen.

The Women’s issue was read by Mary Arnold. She read a variety of statements pertaining to women that many of us could relate to.

National Defense was presented by Helen Barrows. The US Patriotic observances in September are Labor Day, VJ Day, Patriot Day, Constitution Day and US Air Force Birthday. VJ Day marks the end of WWII.

DAR will be supporting the James Van Zandt Veterans Hosptial.

The program for the evening was given by Christine Haas. She spoke on Labor Day and Constitution week. Please fly your flags during Constitution week and remember those who are fighting for our freedom.

The hostess’ for the month of October will be Ann Campbell and Sarah Chilson.