Real Anguish

let-edTo the Editor:

Forgive me for writing once again.  There are other things that I would rather be doing, but I do this because I am so concerned and would like to dialogue.  I read every letter published here and I think about them.  Without town hall meetings, I don’t feel the general public, from all sides, are being recognized or represented.

On Feb. 1,  GT Thompson supported the repeal of the stream protection rule.  In a perfect world, self regulation might work, but in this world ruled by greed and profit taking, nothing is sacred.  Once the waters are contaminated, we all will pay the price.  That includes all of our children and loved ones, as well.   I believe in the future, water availability and purity is going to be a survival issue, not only in America, but the world.  It already is a problem in many places.  Our officials must do everything you can to protect our water.  This means keeping valued regulations and strengthening EPA, not gutting it!

Enthusiastic anglers are just now beginning to enjoy the Susquehanna again, pulling in some real beauties.  This was not the case in the last decade, due to pollution.  Anyone who travels the Orviston Road can see the effects of mine acid run-off, the rocks are orange!  Because of regulations, we have come a long way in cleaning up our waters.  The removal of regulations and the defunding of the EPA will quickly return the waters to increased acid levels and other pollutants.  As that goes up, the fish die off.

On Feb. 3rd, you voted to repeal the rule requiring energy companies to reduce wastes and emissions.  How can you allow the fossil fuel industry to regulate itself and not worry about emissions and water pollution?   You not only are removing safeguards to our environment, but you supported the Pruitt confirmation.   By supporting him, in essence, you have abandoned the EPA and our environment.  Allowing mountain top removal mining is yet another example of your disdain for all the things I hold dear.

You have simply voted along party lines to support President Trump’s agenda.  This attack on the EPA, public education, health care programs and policies, etc. represents the 1%.  You must realize that this is not in the best interest of the 99%.  I hope that you continue to scrutinize everything in the light of the long term effects of each and every vote.  Based on your voting record, you have supported Donald Trump 100%.  The American people are going to become more and more aware of the effects of his Presidency and what it will mean to most of us.  We have rarely seen such anguish in this country, there is a reason for that and it is not going to go away.  This really is not about sour grapes over losing the election.  We truly are frightened by the long term effects of what is being enacted by this Republican Administration.  We have no checks and balances and that is never good.  If you don’t represent all of your constituents, then you are not doing your job.  These two votes are just an example and they do not represent the sportsmen, the nature lovers, and the ones who care about good water.  I believe history will not remember you or this administration kindly.  It is not a joke, and money and big business profits should not be the driving influence.  Will you only support the 1% and the corporations, or will you be a representative of the people?  Your country, your environment, and your people are what should matter to you and they need you to speak up against harmful policies and practices now.  We will continue to watch and listen and hope that you will recognize the harm that this administration is putting in motion, affecting the lives of your constituents, the environment, our place in the world, and the very fabric of our democracy.

Rose Reeder