About Deplorables

let-edTo the Editor:

As a deplorable the only way to say it is: You best shut up and go away.

The Record used to say that it only covered news within 25 miles from home.  Washington is more than that.  If you look back in your archives you will find it.

I sir, like most Americans are tired of being the silent majority.  I did everything I was supposed to do.  I served my country during Vietnam, I was a first responder for 10 years, I worked another 25 years as a railroader.  I voted and I paid my taxes.

I never took to the street when things did not go my way.  I went to the ballot box and voted.  If I lost, I lived with it.  When you lose a ball game, do you run onto the field and attack the winner?  I don’t think so.

This whole mess reminds me of the demonstrators against Vietnam.  The same bleeding heart liberals.

I guess the next thing you will do is ask for Renovo or Lock Haven to be a Sanctuary community.

I would love to have a liberal protester or illegal immigrant, black lives matter protester step in front of my pickup truck.  Oh! And flag burners too!

Leonard Martino

Marietta, GA