Behind the Scenes at Millbrook Playhouse (Video Report)

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MILL HALL – For over a half century, the distinctive white barn with orange lettering on roof has been the home of summer stock theatre which is very familiar to local residents.

Quite often it is easy to relate to the smiling faces that grace the stage for the various shows. However, it can be all too easy to be unaware of the valuable contributions made by those folks who work diligently behind the scenes that make these shows truly memorable productions.

For a stage production to be successful and convey the story fully to the audience, the effort requires a solid teamwork effort from the actors, directors, production managers, lighting, props, costumes, sound and set design. With all these aspects, and likely a few more to consider, they all need to come together to further enhance the experience for the audience. When done well, the experience is seamless and memorable for the ticket holder.

We would like to take this opportunity for you to meet some of those folks that make Millbrook Playhouse such a popular entertainment asset for our locale.

Please view the video report below to meet these talented folks that help make Millbrook Playhouse more special.

The next time you have the opportunity to visit the little “Barn Theatre” for a show … applaud just a bit louder so the good folks behind the scenes know you appreciate their efforts.

Video Report

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